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New Flash Cure Unit set to transform flash curing for screen printers


The new Flash Cure Unit - dubbed the ‘FlashBoss’ - is setting a new benchmark by offering printers value while boasting an innovative design.

Designed to overcome niggling aspects of many old and current quartz flash units, the FlashBoss offers the profit savvy printer the ability to replace elements without the aid (and cost) of an electrician. Utilising spring loaded elements, the FlashBoss saves screen printers money and most importantly, by being able to change elements when needed, important deadlines can always be met. With no interruption to production, printers will have very little downtime for less.

In addition to DIY elements, Leapfrog Machinery founder, Howard Debney says that the biggest time saving function for the average printer lies in the FlashBoss’ ingenious solution, enabling one person to raise or lower the Flash. It comes equipped as standard, with a motorised head to electrically raise and lower the Flash Cure so that height can adjusted between print jobs; from hoodies to T-shirts to Hi-Vis. In this way, FlashBoss allows a single printer to operate the FlashBoss without disturbing other staff to assist in height adjustment.

The FlashBoss features 9 Quartz Elements to offer consistent heat coverage and speed. The most current quartz flash units in the field have discriminating elements; meaning the darker colours dry quicker while the whites dry slower as they reflect the heat rather than absorb it. Unlike the current options, the FlashBoss features medium wave Infra-Red elements which will cure whites at the same rates as other colours, speeding up the overall flashing process. This astute flash cure offers flexible heating with three separate element banks; each equipped with itsown controller to give the printer maximum versatility. With specialised controls, these element banks are particularly advantageous when working with sensitive materials.

Available in two sizes: 46 x 50cm and 50 x 65cm with Electronic eye heat activation sensor, fan forced air, adjustable timed heating and more features as standard, the FlashBoss is set to transform flash curing for many printers.



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