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It’s time … to get serious about service.

 Key takeouts from the proceedings and revelations of the Australian finance sector Royal Commission are that the conduct of, “Customer First,” and similar service initiatives is superficial, lacks delegated authority for front-line providers to deliver the promises, and is not reflective of a true, underlying corporate culture of many entities.
The evidence given by middle-and senior rankings has been, in many instances, embarrassingly inadequate and projects a degree of incompetence and lack of both product - and customer - knowledge.
A common deficiency of many service excellence endeavours is the lack of thoughtful, strategic initiatives emanating from the middle ranks. In essence, many middle managers are simply channels through which communications pass to and from senior management and front-line service providers.
Contributing to, and exacerbating the issue is the narrow and shallow experience and expertise of internal and younger external customer service trainers and facilitators. Much of the focus is on process, rather than the key components of input and outcomes. Rudimentary entry level content falls short of needs.
Our latest attitudinal research and analysis have identified eight sequential and complementary phases in the pursuit, attainment and maintenance of service excellence.
Personal interactions between customers, clients and front-line service providers involve only four of the eight.
In matters of quality personal customer service, everybody needs to commit, contribute to and be accountable for customer satisfaction and delight.
Accordingly, participants involved in effective training, development and planning workshops and conferences are from all ranks, departments, sites and functions – including Board members.
The consequences are outstanding, quantifiable and refreshing.
Sometimes you do need to introduce a challenging – yes, possibly confronting – catalyst and facilitator for change.
A reorientation from doing things, to achieving outcomes is rewarding.
It really is time to get serious about service.

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