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Just after the end of World War II, four soldiers are sitting in a pub in London enjoying a celebratory drink. There's an American, an Englishman, an Irishman and a soldier of the Free French forces.

The Frenchman, full of joy that his home is liberated, drains his glass of wine, throws the bottle in the air and shoots it with his pistol. He proclaims loudly "Where I come from, we have plenty of fine wines!"

The American, not wanting to be outdone by the Frenchman, drains his glass of bourbon. He throws the bottle up in the air, pulls his handgun and shoots it to pieces. He says "Where I come from, we have plenty of fine bourbons!"

The Englishman, slightly embarassed by his companions but wanting to join in the revelry, drains his glass of brandy and tosses the bottle in the air. He draws his revolver and shoots it out of the air, saying "Where I come from, we have plenty of fine brandies."

The Irishman looks his three friends up and down, drains his glass of whisky and then drains the rest of the bottle. He tosses the bottle up in the air, pulls his pistol and shoots the Englishman between the eyes.

"Where I come from, we have plenty of Englishmen."

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