2022 Pricing Benchmark Survey



2022 Sign and Display Pricing Benchmark Survey



"Pricing is the number one concern of many business owners in our industry, especially now in a post COVID era, with increasing costs of materials and labour ” says Janet Maitland, Publisher of Digital Image Magazine, Textile Image Magazine and Image NZ.

Of course, the goal of any business is to receive the highest price for their products and services by leveraging their reputation, salesmanship, service and quality to their advantage.  However if you are not ‘in the ballpark’ this can cause issues if your clients do check your prices, or you may simply be leaving money on the table.

We saw a need for a pricing benchmark survey to help business owners get a better insight into "where they sit" so they can make informed decisions to guide their pricing. The inaugural survey was conducted in 2020 and is back by popular demand. 

The 2022 Sign and Display Pricing Benchmark Survey asks businesses to answer a series of questions about how businesses approach pricing in general and it also includes specific job-based scenarios.

In return for completing the survey, participants will receive a FREE INTERACTIVE ONLINE REPORT that includes

1. The results for each product category in which you participate

2. An online personalised pricing benchmarking report that shows 

  • Where your business sits relative to the results for the categories in which you participate

  • An interactive "What If" Pricing Sensitivity Tool, which allows you to understand the implications of adjusting your price

The initial survey focuses on Sign and Display pricing and covers categories including artwork, vinyl decals, rigid signs, vehicle wraps, fabric/soft signage, illuminated signs and installation. It includes whether you manufacture a product in-house or purchase it externally and resell it.



We hope that this research will be a valuable tool for the industry. “We understand how sensitive and important pricing is to our readers. This is why we commissioned a third-party benchmarking company to conduct the research on our behalf, which guarantees your confidentiality. No one at Image Magazines or anyone associated with Image Magazines can associate responses with individual companies. This requires significant investment, but we understand how important confidentiality is,” concludes Janet.