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Great Australian Sign Survey seeks to map changing sign industry

Great Australian Sign Survey seeks to map changing sign industry

There are perhaps no more constantly evolving industries than sign and print, so understanding how they are changing, and what they require, is vital. Now, a new survey released by Visual Connections, is seeking important information from sign makers to map this multi-million-dollar industry.

The Great Australian Sign Survey is aimed at a broad range of businesses, from traditional ‘signies’, to sign shops, fabricators, installers, wide-format and screen printers, expo and display businesses and textile printers.

“Essentially, if you define yourself as producing signs, printed banners or display materials, 3D  signs, architectural or retail signage, digital and illuminated signs, engraved products, vehicle wraps – or anything in between – we want to hear from you,” says Peter Harper, CEO of Visual Connections, the industry’s supplier association.

Peter says that while estimates put the number of sign and print businesses across Australia at between 5-6000, with output running into hundreds of millions of dollars each year, to date there has been no accurate data collected for use by those involved in this important industry sector.

“While industry groups and even some suppliers have compiled their own numbers over the years, no-one – not even the Australian Bureau of Statistics or the industry’s trade associations – has accurate, meaningful and readily-accessible information on the current size or make-up of the industry,” he says.

The survey, managed by business consultants Control Zone, is designed to take just a few moments, and will ask a range of questions designed to capture basic data on the size and scope of the sector, the product range and methodology employed by industry businesses, and what their plans are for the future. It will also seek information on how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted businesses. All data will be de-identified and used only for the purposes of the survey.

“This information will be vitally important. It will help set the basis for businesses and suppliers to ensure their future product offerings meet market trends. It will provide the hard data we need to back our representations to government for inclusion in grants, relief packages, training and incentives. And it will inform our ongoing discussions with TAFEs and other training organisations – and our promotions to students who will be the sign makers of tomorrow – to ensure that the appropriate vocational training and career paths are available into the future,” adds Peter.

The survey is available at the Sign, Print, Display & Graphics Virtual Trade Show, right inside the entrance, and at It will also be distributed via email and e-news publications.

“If you’re a business owner or manager in our diverse and exciting industry, I’d urge you to take a few moments to contribute to this survey. The sign, display and graphics sector is a vital part of our economy; you deserve the importance of your contribution to be recognised, and you deserve to have your voice heard.”

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