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Maximise productivity on vehicle wraps

Maximise productivity  on vehicle wraps

Wrapping vehicles is one of the most challenging and also rewarding projects an installer can undertake, and mastering the skills needed can take many years of practice. The varying complex shapes, curves and recesses can really test the demands of the installer and the film. This makes vehicle wrapping the ultimate test of installer expertise, film quality and performance.

Highly skilled labour in Australia and New Zealand comes at a premium, so productivity and efficiency is at a premium. In particular, when it comes to wrapping vehicles or large fleets, it is essential to invest in material that can help to minimise installation time, with the cost of material not always being the deciding factor.

When you choose to use Avery Dennison’s MPI 1105 Easy Apply RS or MPI 2105 Easy Apply RS, the premium features of these films ensure each project is completed in minimal time with reliable and
durable performance.

In this highly competitive market, the temptation can be to look for cost savings in materials, but the true cost of a film is not reflected in just the cost of the material. Labour cost and lost production time can have a significant impact on the final cost of any vehicle wrap or fleet project. While films vary in price, they also vary in ease of application, conformability, durability and warranty. Films that are harder to work with and take longer to install have a greater impact on the cost, increasing the final cost and subsequently decreasing the profitability of a project compared to a more premium film that applies easily and quickly.

MPI 1105 Easy Apply RS or MPI 2105 Easy Apply RS utilise Avery Dennison’s advanced Easy Apply RS adhesive technology that helps prevent bubbles and wrinkles, while also providing slideability and repositionability of the graphic on the substrate during application.

In addition, it is essential to invest in high-quality durable films that can withstand the environmental conditions vehicles are typically exposed to. Some of the main factors affecting film durability and performance are geographical location, orientation, either vertical or horizontal, and exposure to UV, heat, chemicals and pollutants.

Avery Dennison continually invests heavily in R&D and resources that provide significant technological capabilities in accelerated weathering and testing during product development. Since we have done the groundwork and qualified these products under the most stringent conditions, we can offer market-leading warranties in harsh geographical regions such as Australia and New Zealand. MPI 1105 Easy Apply RS & MPI 2105 Easy Apply RS are backed by Avery Dennison’s long-established ICS (Integrated Component System) Warranty Program which provides the highest levels of warranty in the industry for this class of products.

When MPI 1105 Easy Apply RS and MPI 2105 Easy Apply RS are paired with our matched premium polyurethane or cast DOLs (digital overlaminates), and approved OEM inks, you can achieve up to six years vertical and three years horizontal warranty in the majority of Australia and
New Zealand.

Be confident in knowing your projects are covered with the backing of the Avery Dennison ICS Warranty program and industry leading technical support from our Avery Dennison ADvantage: Technical Excellence team.

It’s easy to focus on ease of installation when choosing a film, but the same applies to the removability of the film. Removability features may not be of value to an installer but for the end user, who can bear the cost of removal at the end of the service life of the film, the ease of removal can have a large impact on the overall cost of a project. When choosing films, it’s essential to ensure the product can be removed quickly and easily with minimal adhesive residue. Communicating these benefits to the customer and highlighting the potential cost saving can help relieve the pressure to use cheaper alternatives.

When the time comes to remove the graphics, MPI 1105 Easy Apply RS and MPI 2105 Easy Apply RS, thanks to their innovative construction providing exceptional long term removability, can remove more quickly than most alternative products.

If the project and design incorporate graphics that cover the vehicle’s windows it is important to ensure you choose an appropriate film that will not hinder the ability of the driver to see outside of the vehicle. Perforated window films are one such option increasingly used in vehicle wraps and fleet applications, such as transit buses, trains, vans and cars.

Avery Dennison has a range of perforated window films, which are suitable for use on passenger and commercial vehicles*. Avery Dennison MPI 2509 PWF 50/50 and MPI 2709 PWF 40/60 are medium term perforated window films, offering different levels of perforations to suit different applications.

Our MPI 2509 and MPI 2709 films print across all printer platforms. They also provide a more durable option for flat, simple curves on vehicle windows.

MPI 2709’s 60/40 perforation pattern provides an open area of 40 percent, allowing the best possible image quality while maintaining one-way visibility on windows. MPI 2509’s 50/50 perforation pattern provides the best possible visibility through a one-way graphic panel. This film is intended for vehicle windows or applications where visibility through the window is important. Both films provide up to three years unprinted and up to two years printed durability. DOL 1060Z and DOL 6460 are premium quality, flexible high-gloss overlaminate films for applications demanding 100 percent optical clarity.

 Overall, wrapping vehicles can be a profitable part of any business but any profit can be quickly eroded if the wrong film is chosen. The cost or value of any film is not what you pay for it but how it impacts on the cost and performance of the overall installation, from application and durability through to removal.

Recommended applications for MPI 1105 Easy Apply RS are:

• Full or partial vehicle wraps

• Vehicle and truck branding

• Outdoor signage

Recommended applications for MPI 2105 Easy Apply RS are:

• Partial vehicle wraps

• Vehicle and truck branding

• Outdoor signage

*It’s the responsibility of the installer and vehicle owner to ensure the applied graphics comply with their specific state or territory’s traffic and transport regulations.


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