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Konica Minolta announces global Cloud Printing Service

Konica Minolta announces global Cloud Printing Service

Konica Minolta has announced its global Cloud Printing Service, through which it will manage the total print environment of its customers: printers, servers, drivers, applications and network. The service will provide SMB and Enterprise customers with the opportunity to further simplify their operational processes, streamline their businesses and increase overall efficiency.

With Cloud Printing, no upfront investment is required for print infrastructure. Customers only pay for services they actually use, helping to significantly reduce print-related costs.

“In these unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic, freeing up IT resources to allow customers to focus on their core responsibilities is more important than ever,” said Kevin Kern, Senior Vice President, Digital Transformation and Emerging Technologies. “IT professionals no longer want to manage print servers, drivers or queues. To them it is a necessary evil. Our clients now more than ever are asking for cloud-based print architecture.”

Konica Minolta will also offer solutions to utilise the new Universal Print from Microsoft. Universal Print is a modern print solution for organisations to use for managing their print infrastructure through cloud services from Microsoft. It runs entirely on Microsoft Azure, and when deployed with Universal Print–compatible printers, it does not require any on-premises infrastructure. It can be deployed with non-compatible printers by using Universal Print connector software.


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