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Go Media NZ partners with Melbourne-based Seedooh

Go Media NZ partners with Melbourne-based Seedooh

Go Media, New Zealand’s largest locally owned outdoor media company, has just finalised an integration with Melbourne-based Seedooh to provide independent 3rd party delivery verification of campaigns across Go Media’s digital assets.

 “In our quest to provide the best of outdoor solutions for advertisers, we wanted to deliver to their expectation of accountability. Our integration with Seedooh enables us to provide a user-friendly dashboard proving spot delivery either during or post campaign,” said Go Media General Manager Simon Teagle.

 “As we press further into the digital environment with OOH, the established pillars we see in traditional digital such as ad verification, accurate audience measurement and data-driven insights, will become common-place and provide a more familiar, accountable and dynamic proposition for key client partners,” stated Go Media’s Head of Digital, Parris Downey.

 “The Seedooh platform offers tremendous efficiency in the campaign reporting process, as well as the confidence that every play-out event is independently verified to global best practice standards. We applaud Go Media’s approach to transparency and look forward to helping demonstrate the increasing value of connected data at scale in New Zealand,” added Seedooh Founder & CEO Tom Richter.

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