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Brother brings polyester printing to DTG Market via driver update

Brother brings polyester printing to DTG Market via driver update

Printing on 100% dark polyester has been on the wish list for many Direct-To-Garment (DTG) users in the textile industry, and Brother International Australia is finally confident to say that it has the technology for this to be achieved. All it takes is a driver update on the existing Brother GTX series garment printing machines, loaded with Brother genuine consumables, and customers can be ‘printing poly’ straight away.

To test the printing, GTX users can download the Brother GTX Polyester driver (beta) trial, available to assess and test and free of charge until 30 June 2021. The beta trial will provide users with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the various polyester materials used in their business to determine if the process is right for them.

Greg Benardos, National Manager - DTG at Brother International Australia says: “We have worked relentlessly to develop this new driver, so we can give back to our customers what they’ve been requesting for years – to print on 100% dark polyester. While this is a beta trial, we are very confident that many businesses are going to see great results.

“We urge users who do participate in our beta trial to read and follow the guidelines very carefully, as the process and results on polyester are different to that of traditional cotton. We are excited to see some positive results at the end of the trial, with many businesses being able to add additional textile printing options to their services,” he adds.

The guideline for printing on polyester includes two rounds of pretreatment and pretreatment curing, followed by white or colour print, and then ink curing. Given the difference in material composition, printing on dark polyester is most recommended for clothing that is casually worn, as excess washing, such as that which occurs on highly soiled clothing, is not suitable for long-term durability.

To register for the free driver, visit:

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