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Sharp NEC launches E Series large format displays for low-budget signage solutions

Sharp NEC launches E Series large format displays for low-budget signage solutions

Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe released the next generation of its NEC MultiSync E Series large format displays, which offers a professional solution for low-budget signage applications. The E Series comes in sizes from 32 inches to 65 inches and is perfect for a conference-room display or retail signage. With a modern design, high-definition quality and multiple input source options, the plug-and-play E Series displays are perfectly suited for smaller retail outlets or museums, hospitals and other public places, as well as for meeting and conferencing in small and medium-sized businesses.

More importantly for many users, the NEC MultiSync E Series is designed for the rigours of commercial usage. That means it will likely have a much longer product life and better return on investment than an ordinary TV used as signage or a conference room solution. Companies with lower budgets or simple indoor display needs sometimes opt for a commercial television without realising the amount of extra work and expense this can entail, often for a result that’s not as satisfying.

The integrated MediaPlayer offers native UHD resolution and High Dynamic Range for clear communication, as well as a more polished viewer experience. The playback scheduler enables users to programme auto-play content to ensure seamless content delivery. There’s no external cabling or devices needed, though a 10W USB interface is there if for some reason external computing power is needed.

The E Series is also incredibly easy to use. For instant start-up meeting spaces, inputs are automatically detected. Facilities managers will welcome the ability to remotely control their digital estate via the network thanks to the integrated LAN and using NEC’s NaViSet Administrator 2 software tool. Users, on the other hand, will welcome the ability to jump into their meeting without fiddling with the set-up.

“Digital communication has become more and more important over the past few years. These next-generation NEC E Series displays can put this critical signage tool in the hands of anyone who needs it at a very affordable price-point. By lowering the investment of time and money needed to operate digital signage, we empower more people to communicate successfully,” said Martin Lienau, Product Manager Large Format Displays at Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe.

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