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Expo Group and Bokay Signage combine to form ExBo Visual

Expo Group and Bokay Signage combine to form ExBo Visual

“In 2019, Expo Group and Bokay Signage joined the Jason Signmakers Group. It was always the plan to merge the two brands, however, we wanted to take our time to fully understand what each brand meant to our customers,” said Bokay Signage on its website blog.

“We are so excited about where we are headed. But we are also really proud of where we have come from. Expo Group was founded in 1939. Bokay Signage was founded in 1984. That’s a combined history in the print and signage industry of nearly 120 years. Both businesses were family-owned, and both managed to achieve a strong market position as the experts in what they do. So, with all of that to consider, we decided that the best way to merge was to pay homage to both brands. And to bring forward the best of both companies. We are proud to introduce the new ExBo Visual.”

From 12 April 2021, the companies’ trading name has become ExBo Visual, which is confirmed by Bokay as “a nod to the history of both Expo Group and Bokay Signage, and what they meant to the print and signage industry in WA.” “The ‘Visual’ component represents our approach to bringing messages to life, visually – through print, signage and digital solutions.”

Along with the trading name change, ExBo Visual is also launching a fresh new look: a new logo and website, which is currently under development and will feature some helpful functions for easy quoting.

“We are also working on merging our business systems, improving how easy it is to do business with us. We expect these changes to be rolled out by July 2021,” states the blog, adding that ExBo Visual will be working through these changes alongside its valued clients and suppliers. Alana Dunning, who joined the company in late 2019,  is the Executive General Manager and now manages ExBo Visual.

“Jason Signmakers was proud to welcome Expo Group and Bokay Signage into the group in 2019. This brought new opportunities for our Group to enter new markets and expand our product offer to our clients. I’m excited to see where the journey takes us next as the newly merged company, ExBo Visual,” said John Mancini, Managing Director of the Jason Signmakers Group (parent company of ExBo Visual), pictured here.

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