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Worker attaches to live digital billboard in campaign to boost local economy

Worker attaches to live digital billboard in campaign to boost local economy

Fiverr, one of the world’s largest online marketplaces for digital services, has launched ‘Bill’s Billboards,’ an initiative to help boost the local economy by creating free ads for local businesses and running them across $250,000 worth of billboard space.

The ads in question were made by an award-winning Fiverr freelancer, who set himself up on a desk attached to a live digital billboard four metres above the ground in Melbourne for a full day creating the ads in real time in front of crowds of passers-by and City Road traffic.

Says Liron Smadja, Senior Director of Global Brand Marketing at Fiverr: “Many Australian businesses were in a paradoxical situation: they needed to get back on track but couldn’t quite afford the enormous cost of advertising. Bill’s Billboards is a great opportunity for the five winners, but it’s also a strong (and fun) demonstration of what Fiverr can offer many more businesses moving forward.”

“Unless you’re in the hand sanitiser, supermarket or toilet paper game, just about every business owner can attest to how difficult 2020 was. But with its massive pool of global talent at-the-ready to help local businesses, Fiverr really can be the solution to help businesses get back on their feet. This idea is all about showing off Fiverr’s ability to solve problems for businesses from anywhere,” adds Mat Cummings, Managing Partner at By All Means.

This is the second campaign By All Means have created for Fiverr since winning the business in a competitive pitch mid-lockdown in 2020, and continues a string of business wins for the nearly seven-year-old independent agency, that includes ASX listed Lifestyle Communities and iconic shoe brand, Clarks.

Out of a total of 889 business entrants, the five lucky winners selected for their innovative entries and innovative businesses (and, in one case, cause) were: a bamboo underwear brand (, an off-the-grid cabin accommodation company (; a waste-free dental care brand (; a food company that uses crickets to make sustainable snacks (; a charity that raises money for blood cancer research (

The winning billboard ads are currently running across major digital outdoor sites in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

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