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Zund Makes Cut-File Preparation Easy and Efficient

Zund Makes Cut-File Preparation Easy and Efficient

Zunds new software will do all that, or even if you prefer the manual process the software will simplify your file preparation and output.

You import the shapes you want into the ZPC then you assign them to comparable roadmaps or recipes. These are for the cut paths based on your specific parameters. They can be created by you or imported. The chosen shapes are then nested on the unprinted material with less waste and reduced production time.

It also allows you to integrate selected metadata. When finished it helps fast and accurate authorship of cut parts to corresponding orders.

It is available in Basic and Pro. You can select the version and features according to your needs. The ZPC open architecture allows importing cut shapes and data from several sources. It also provides automated nesting at the push of a button, which means you can edit nested layouts and cut paths. The final step is the generation of a cut file in .zcc format and makes it available for the next import to the ZPC-ZCC. There is an option for outputting files in .dxf format.

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