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ASGA asks - Are Your Business Practices Environmentally Friendly?

ASGA asks - Are Your Business Practices Environmentally Friendly?

Since this year's United Nations Climate Change Conference, sustainability continues to be the buzzword. ASGA would like to encourage all members to consider the environmental impact of your business practices. Their examples include assessing your choice of energy sources, modern-day slavery considerations when sourcing your materials, and how you manage water consumption and waste.

There are already mandatory environmental reporting requirements for some business sectors. However, with increased pressure on governments to reduce carbon emissions, mandatory reporting requirements could apply across all business sizes and sectors in the near future. 
ASGA asks, "Did you know that as a sign business, you may require environmental licences and permits? If the erection of a sign affects areas of national environmental significance, you will need to get licences or permits from the Australian Government." You can check for areas of national environmental importance here. If the sign is likely to impact the local environment, such as parks, heritage sites, air and water, you must check for licence and permit requirements through your state, territory or local government. 
Apart from the threat of stricter legislation on businesses to mandate more environmentally friendly work practices, the pressure from activists and a growing general populace for businesses to implement and maintain sustainable work practices will only continue to grow. Therefore, ASGA  continues, "it makes commercial sense to demonstrate to your clients, staff and employment candidates that you have or are taking steps to minimize your business's environmental impact."

For more information on how you can make your business more sustainable, visit ASGA's new website page Sustainable Practices ( (member login required). They have added a general website page that lists Recycling Providers - access here. 
If you are interested in this topic, ASGA has a short survey for you to complete 

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