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Caldera RIP version 15.1 now available

Caldera RIP version 15.1 now available

French software creator Caldera has released the latest update of its award-winning RIP program, CalderaRIP Version 15.1. Users can now update their RIP to access a range of new features designed to increase performance, output quality and productivity.  

Highlights of this new update include an improved nesting algorithm, CalderaJobs’ compatibility with Windows, and four exclusive features for CalderaCare subscribers. In addition, this update supports the cutters of French manufacturer VERSO, and more than 42 new Print & Cut drivers have been added to the V15.1 ISO. 

Along with Version 15.1, the company is also releasing version 1.14 of CalderaDock, the toolbox to manage the license and installation of all Caldera solutions. With this new version, users can log in to their WorkSpace account directly from CalderaDock to access their information. There is also increased flexibility, security, and control during installation.  

Arnaud Fabre, Head of Product at Caldera, has said, “Giving our customers the tools to optimise their production costs and grow their printshop remains one of our top priorities.”  

The new features and improvements in Version 15.1 make it a comprehensive, flexible, and powerful RIP solution. CalderaJobs has been improved for print operators who send ripped jobs to the printers and for production managers who need to balance the workload or check the connectivity and statuses of the fleet. Users can drive and manage their fleet of printers from any of their workstations, including those running on Windows devices. For more flexibility, they can filter their RIP stations to focus on a subpart of the fleet. The nesting algorithm in Compose and Nest-O-Matik modules has also been improved to help operators reduce media waste.  

Along with these enhancements to the RIP software, Version 15.1 comes with new exclusive features for CalderaCare subscribers, including the possibility to submit multi-page PDF files with different cut contours directly to CalderaRIP. This reduces the number of files to handle and guarantees a more efficient workflow, with valuable time savings and fewer manual errors. To speed up textile printing operations, the new “Use Printer S&R” option makes the ripping process faster when producing repeated patterns.  

CalderaCare subscribers also benefit from two additional features to streamline their cutting operations. With Image Step&Repeat in VisualCut, CalderaRIP groups the shapes by images and builds optimised rows to streamline the cutting head path, increasing cutting speed and accuracy. In addition, both VisualCut & GrandCut come with a new option to streamline two-step workflow such as sublimation and lamination requiring rolling and unrolling. In just one click, users can rotate jobs by 180° to save time and have their jobs ready for cutting right after printing, without additional manipulation.  

Sébastien Hanssens, VP of Marketing & Operations, said, “Version 15.1 continues our 30-year tradition of putting our customers’ needs at the heart of our innovations. Each new update aims to push their business forward and help them face the new challenges of the digital printing industry.”  

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