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Starleaton partners with eurolaser

Starleaton partners with eurolaser

Starleaton has partnered with eurolaser, a manufacturer of high-quality laser systems. The partnership will establish Starleaton as the authorised reseller of eurolaser products across Australia and New Zealand.

“We are excited about our partnership with eurolaser. By combining their tech expertise with our strong local presence, we will provide customers with unmatched laser solutions,” said Dale Hawkins, Industrial Sales at Starleaton.

"As we expand our global footprint, picking the right partners is key. Proximity to the customer is an important factor, and understanding their needs is important, especially for industrial products that require explanation," added Alexander Wente, Product Manager at eurolaser. "Our partnership with Starleaton, leveraging the expertise of Dale Hawkins, means we can clearly explain and showcase the benefits of our laser tech to businesses in Australia and New Zealand. "

"Dale Hawkins is now the first contact person at Starleaton in the ANZ market for eurolaser, providing personal, competent, and individual advice. Together with him, we look forward to interesting discussions, new customers and challenges," concluded Wente.

Starleaton says its decision to partner with eurolaser aligns with its commitment to bringing innovative and reliable solutions to its clientele. Businesses in the ANZ region will now have direct access to the advanced laser technology of eurolaser, in addition to service and support from Starleaton.

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