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Epson Garment Printer Wins 2023 Good Design Awards

Epson Garment Printer Wins 2023 Good Design Awards

Epson has won several 2023 Good Design Awards for its products. The awards are presented for designs that benefit and enrich people's lives and society.
The SureColor SC-F2200 Series was awarded. The garment printer can print directly onto t-shirts and other clothes. The compact design of these printers makes them easier to install, expand and transport. Epson has changed the design of the operating unit, which contributes to reduced downtime and improved productivity.

Epson has revamped the design of its previous garment printer in response to feedback from its users. The company reduced the unit's depth and made the installation space more compact. The SC-F2260 is now the standard model in the garment printer series.

Judges commented, “The high performance and roundness of the printer give a sense of intelligence combined with the beautifully arranged details to produce an attractive appearance. Furthermore, the easily operable controls, movable parts, and top transparent cover are black on a white-tone background. This fully expresses a brand identity rooted in usability and gives the impression of reliability and advanced technology over the entire series. In addition, we also appreciated that the software is provided with well-organised graphics that are easy to use, with no PC knowledge required.”

Also Awarded the Compact Photo Printer for Business, the SL-D500 Series.
These compact photo printers for commercial use can be installed efficiently in stores. They feature a lightweight and compact body size and frontal operation, allowing them to be installed on narrow shelves or counters. They also have a box design that allows up to three units to be installed on each other. In addition to the compactness of the body, the large-capacity ink tank model contributes to lowering environmental impact by reducing consumables and waste.

Judges comments included, “These are special printers designed for shops around town offering photo printing services. All necessary operations can be completed entirely from the front panel, and multiple units can be combined side by side in compact configurations inside stores. These printers look like simple, ordinary cubes at first glance. Still, space is at a premium in tiny, specialised shops offering photo printing services, and designs like this can be expected to save a considerable amount of space.”

The Business Inkjet Printers: WorkForce AM-C4000, 5000 and 6000 were also awarded good design awards.
These high-speed A3 inkjet printers are intended for medium-sized to large offices. These inkjets don't use heat to fire ink and therefore consume less power than laser equivalents.

Together with a simple structure that saves resources, these printers are designed to minimise environmental impact. The exterior is white, clean, rounded and unimposing.

Judges' comments on the awards were, The multifunction printers in this class are sophisticated products that can be equipped with various options. They earned high marks for their graceful body design, including gentle form and rounded corners that suggest the smaller environmental footprint of the inkjet system. We felt that the ink cartridge window may play a supporting role in printer operation rather than being a differentiator with competitive products. We hope that in future the design of optional units such as finishers and paper feeding units will be harmonised with the body design.”

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