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Xanté launches F-24 Direct-to-Film Printer

Xanté launches F-24 Direct-to-Film Printer

Xanté has announced that the F-24 direct-to-film printer, which debuted at Printing United in October, will be available and begin shipping in January 2024.

The new F-24 prints 24-inch-wide film to allow a variety of detailed designs to be ganged up for maximum efficiency and cost per print.

Some specs of the F-24 include:

Space-Saving Design: The F-24 is specially engineered to fit through a standard-sized door, offering unrivalled convenience in terms of installation and location. This compact design ensures businesses can seamlessly integrate the F-24 into their existing workspaces without extensive renovations.

Cost-Effective: DTF printing reduces the need for expensive screens or plates, significantly lowering setup costs. With film, powder, and ink, it costs you pennies for a standard 13”x18” T-shirt logo—a perfect choice for both established businesses and startups looking to print on fabric.

Quick Turnaround: The Xanté F-24 offers rapid printing capabilities, enabling businesses to meet tight deadlines and customer demands efficiently. This product also allows you to print full sheets of designs to then cut and apply on demand.

Versatile and Vibrant: DTF printing is vibrant, does not crack, and washer/dryer durable making it ideal for creating eye-catching promotional materials, customized apparel, and more. The F-24 comes with two Epson i3200 printheads CMYK+WWWW.

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