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New Sport-Stitch heat transfer stitched logos

New Sport-Stitch heat transfer stitched logos

STAHLS have introduced Sport-Stitch, a new product of heat-applied embroidered logos.

The company says the new product will allow printers and apparel decorators to expand their market reach across sporting goods, schools, high-end fashion, promotional apparel, & more, with the premium appliqué look. The new product suits jerseys, fleece, jackets, and headwear. The Custom design process comes complete with a zig-zag stitched border, and the application is as simple as using a heat press.

Customise the Sport-Stitch logo with up to two layers per design in Twill or Acrylic Felt. The design choices offer a “mix and match” with 16 Twill, 9 Acrylic Felt, and 16 thread colour choices, allowing for creating unique designs.

The Advantages of Sport-Stitch logos include:

Efficiency: There is no need for stitching, saving time and money and streamlining the production process.

Professional Quality: Attain a high-end, professional look of custom embroidery without the burden of extensive equipment.

Versatile Applications: Sport-Stitch suits various apparel, including fleece, jerseys, jackets, and headwear.

Broaden Market Opportunities: Cater to the ever-growing demand for custom embroidery in sports, schools, high-end fashion, and promotional branding.

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