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Mimaki launches M2COA automation system at drupa

Mimaki launches M2COA automation system at drupa

At this year's drupa exhibition, the first in eight years, Mimaki exhibited a wide range of innovative solutions designed to be user-friendly, labour-saving and environmentally friendly. The featured products included:

M2COA: Automated Order Goods Printing Package System

The M2COA printing process automation system was unveiled for the first time to the global market at drupa 2024. The system is designed to be a highly efficient solution to address labour shortage by significantly reducing operator time in the printing process by approximately 90%. This is achieved through the automation of placement, printing instructions and collection of printed media by a robotic arm that operates in conjunction with Mimaki's UV -LED printers UJF-7151 plus II and UJF-6042 MkIIe.

JFX600 and CFX series: Printing + processing system for original packaging production:

Mimaki also showcased the print-and-cut combo of the JFX600 series and CFX series for packaging production. The JFX600 flatbed printer series introduced a new model in March 2024, the JFX600-2531, featuring a print bed of up to 2.5m x 3.1m. Also announced simultaneously, the CFX cutting plotter series offers three flatbed sizes up to 2.5m x 5m. Combining these high-speed, high-quality flatbed printers and cutters results in sustainable production by reducing inventory and CO2 emissions from disposal.

TxF300-75: Direct-To-Film (DTF) printer for custom garments:

The TxF300-75 DTF printer offers a simple and reliable method for producing printwear. Compared to conventional techniques such as screen printing and rubber transfer, the TxF300-75 simplifies production by eliminating the intensive process of plate creation or weeding. Additionally, compared to DTG (Direct-To-Garment) printing, Mimaki's DTF technology provides a labour-saving solution through semi-automation of the process.

Also one stand were several other products and technologies. These included Pearl pigment ink, displayed as a reference exhibit with samples, and the Neo-Chromato process, a technology designed to decolourise ink from banners and tablecloths for reuse. Also on display were the entry-level sublimation transfer printer TS100-1600 and the entry-level desktop cutting plotter CG-60AR. Mimaki's UJF-6042MkIIe with the Kebab HS cylindrical shape printing option demonstrated an efficient order goods printing system. The UCJV330 series roll printer, capable of 3D texture expression through 2.5D printing, was also featured.

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