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ASGA issues COVID-19 document for members

ASGA issues COVID-19 document for members

The Australian Sign & Graphics Association (ASGA) has issued a document to its members in response to the various challenges facing employers through COVID-19, which includes advice to employers about staff being sent home and salary obligations. 

“ASGA produced the document in response to questions from member companies. Common questions such as, if a worker came down with COVID, what implications would that present for others? Another question was related to sending staff into shopping centres, for example, and the possibility that they would seek remuneration from the owner - how does an employer cope with that? And another common question was around moving staff into casual employment,” said ASGA’s GM Michael Punch, who confirmed that the document was drawn up by ASGA’s employment lawyer.

Topics covered in the document include:

  • WHS obligations
  • Personal & annual leave entitlements and implications
  • Stand Down circumstances in accordance with the Fair Work Act
  • Implications of employees contracting the virus
  • Implications if employee are sent home for reasons beyond an employer’s control
  • Obligations to shutdown workplace temporarily due to COVID 19 incident/s
  • Consequences of closing a business if you do not have evidence of COVID 19 incident/s
  • Sending employees to third party premises
  • Redundancy or reduced working hours
  • Close down options for businesses

“Since our members received notification of the document, we ‘ve had 84 requests and excellent feedback from those who have read it,” he added.

If you are a current ASGA member and would like to receive the document, email

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