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Enfocus introduces new PitStop Pro, 2021 Server 2021 and Library SDK 2021

Enfocus introduces new PitStop Pro, 2021 Server 2021 and Library SDK 2021

Enfocus has listened to its customers and developed major new PDF editing and quality control features. Among these is a trio of PitStop Actions that will appeal directly to label and packaging printers, namely PitStop Pro 2021, PitStop Server 2021 and PitStop Library SDK 2021.

PitStop 2021 will allow users to check, clip and create bleed along a vector contour. This will make quick prepress work of PDF files with dielines or digital cutlines.

“We made a huge leap forward with the way we're adding bleed to line-art. We no longer mirror content, we now extend the actual line-art. This is what an operator would do when manually editing a path. Now it’s an Action,” said  Andrew Bailes-Collins, Senior Product Manager.

Booklet imposition is coming in PitStop 2021. PitStop has had a standard Action for breaking apart spreads. Now, there will be an action for creating printer or reader spreads.

Other PDF production relevant additions to PitStop include:

- Align and Distribute Objects Action – this was previously a manual Action, which now can be automated

- Consolidate Fonts Action: fixes multiple font subsets to improve output performance

- Flatten Type 3 Fonts Action: converts Type 3 fonts to normal page content

- Separate Stroke and Fill Action: splits the stroke and fill of an object into two new objects

- Add Hems and Pockets Action: mirrors page content based on trim and bleed, which will come in handy for large format production

The complete list of new features and improvements to PitStop Pro 2021, PitStop Server 2021, and PitStop Library SDK 2021 can be found at: www.enfocus.com/en/pitstop-pro

“PitStop is the industry leading PDF editing and quality control solution. We keep it that way by continuously innovating. Thanks to the input that we get from our customers and our commitment to improve our products in their favor, PitStop is the go-to prepress tool. In fact, it has become a verb. ‘This PDF needs to be PitStopped …  It’s not magic, it’s PitStop’,” concluded Andrew.

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