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Xante Making Traditional Cylinder Printing Obsolete

Xante Making Traditional Cylinder Printing Obsolete

Xante Corporation has introduced “UV Unlimited”, the latest breakthrough in new UV print technology. UV Unlimited allows you to print directly onto the UV transfer media and place a dishwasher-safe image on virtually any surface, including glass, metal cups, rubber, wood, containers, plastics, sporting goods, and industrial equipment.

Xante’s X-Series UV Inkjet Flatbed printers apply ink to a layer of clear glue transfer media. A second adhesive layer is then laminated to the printed sheet. Once the two sheets have bonded, the ink can then adhere to most any surface.

 “UV Unlimited is clearly a breakthrough technology, vastly expanding the capabilities of UV printing. Paired with any of our X-series UV printers, UV Unlimited can create new, high-margin applications for our customers,” said Robert C. Ross, CEO and President of Xante.

The UV Unlimited Transfer System comes complete with everything needed to produce images that can be placed on nearly any surface, including a laminator specifically calibrated to produce perfect transfer images, a starter pack of twenty A3 transfer media sheets, and one transfer media laminate roll.

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