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Agfa updates Alussa inkjet printer for leather

Agfa updates Alussa inkjet printer for leather

The latest Alussa update features a leather carrier system with recyclable sticky film and a six-colour plus white UV LED ink set, free of any skin sensitisers and of CMR category one products best-in-class in terms of safety compared to all other UV inks on the market today. Sustainability is a critical factor in development. Alussa inkjet printing is a patented system for the decoration of genuine leather; through the process of applying an ink layer in between different coating layers.

Alussa enables fashion-forward brands to respond to the growing demand for personalised leather. As an inkjet printing technology, Alussa offers distinct advantages over other leather decoration options – such as the ability to produce any volume, design and colour at any time. Finished applications include handbags and shoes.

 “Our EDP award-winning Alussa inkjet printing solution accomplishes a true synergy between leather and ink”, says Dieter Jancart, Business Segment Manager at Alussa. “It was developed in close cooperation with the leather industry and produced stunning photorealistic prints on genuine leather of any colour while retaining the leather’s flexibility and rub resistance – up to 100,000 dry flexes. Our patented process of applying ink to genuine leather that already has one or more coating layers, and then finishing it with one or more coatings layers, is the only way to achieve such high quality.”


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