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Roland DG announces new LV series laser engravers

Roland DG announces new LV series laser engravers

Roland DG Australia announced the launch of the LV series laser engravers, including the 29-inch LV-290 and 18-inch LV-180, now available in Australia and New Zealand.

The LV series uses a non-contact CO2 laser to engrave complex shapes and text with crisp edges at high speed out of plastics, wood, leather, paper, cork and much more. Unlike conventional digital engravers, cut surfaces have a smooth, clean finish without burrs, thus eliminating the need for any final touch-up work. With no engraving cutters to break or wear out, the laser always maintains a beautiful finish with no degradation in quality. Operation of the LV series is very simple, so that even beginners can perform high-precision laser engraving immediately. With two models available that feature different laser power and work areas, users can select the model that best suits the thickness and size of the materials they wish to work with.

“By combining the LV series’ capabilities with our LEF/LEF2 series UV benchtop flatbed printers featuring exceptional print capabilities, it is possible to create premium value items that cannot be accomplished by using each product on its own. The unique fusion of these products with different capabilities opens up profitable new business opportunities,” said Kohei Tanabe, President of Roland DG's Digital Printing Business Division.

“By introducing this solution to our customers around the world, we hope they will be able to create new value and excitement by unleashing their creativity and transforming their imaginations into reality.”


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