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Energy-Efficient Dryer for DTG and Water-Based Inks

Energy-Efficient Dryer for DTG and Water-Based Inks

Mark Vasilantone, president of Vastex International, has announced a new Lo-E Dryer that cures DTG-printed inks and pretreatment and water-based screen-printed inks and discharges at high rates using 20 per cent less energy than comparable dryers.
"We engineered the Lo-E for printers who have limited amperage and those who simply want to cut energy costs and carbon emissions," explains Vasilantone.
The dryer cures up to 45 garments/hr printed with digital white ink at 3 minutes dwell time. At 1.5 minutes dwell time, it cures up to 88 CMYK DTG garments/hr, 88 garments/hr with pretreatment only, or 88 garments/hr screen-printed with water-based ink or discharge.

Modularity permits users to quickly add one or multiple heating chambers and extend the conveyor belt, multiplying capacity directly to each heating chamber added. Conveyor extensions can also be added to the front or back of the dryer to optimise garments’ loading and cooling/unloading.

They were drawing only 22 amps, the dryer’s two 61 cm wide by 46 cm deep high-efficiency infrared heaters provide 4.6 kW of power, maximising curing capacity and, in turn, minimising energy costs per garment cured.  Height-adjustable, the heaters offer dual-zone temperature control with a boost zone to quickly reach cure temperatures and carry an industry-leading 15-year warranty.

A 10.5 m3/min. The exhaust system evacuates moisture and air contaminants from the heating chamber and cools the enclosure's outer skin and control panel.

The 76 cm wide by 224 cm long conveyor runs proper using a low friction belt aligner patented by the company, with belt speed controls allowing infinitely adjustable dwell times from one to five minutes.

"Although the Lo-E Dryer is designed for curing of DTG garments, it can also cure screen-printed water-based inks and discharge," says Vasilantone, adding, "It's the most energy-efficient dryer in our lineup, and maybe the world.”





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