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SAled Australia brings latest LED Technology to PrintEx19

SAled Australia brings latest LED Technology to PrintEx19

Visitors to PrintEx19 will get the chance to see the very latest advances in LED technology on the SAled stand (J35).

Managing Director Ryan Byun has only recently finalised preparations for the company’s stand and says, with all the recently developments in LED technology, it’s shaping up to be an exciting show.

“Evolving technology is constantly driving up the quality of lighting products while pushing costs downwards, giving those who are looking for outstanding solutions for signage, displays, shop fitting and other similar applications a wide range of choice. At SAled we offer a ‘one stop shop’ on all products and accessories for anyone looking for LED lighting solutions,” says Ryan.

A quick trip to the SAled website demonstrates his point, with names like Samsung, LG, NC, GOQ, MeanWell, BSW-Tech, OSRAM, German Steel Engineering, Wago and 3M, all driving forces behind recent advances, represented in what is an exceptionally wide range of solutions that includes premium LED modules for various signage applications, as well as a range of Philips LED specialist products for home, office and factory.

In fact, the company supplies more than 80 different LED module types, from back lit, side lit and strip LED systems, to name just a few. It also carries power supply units from MeanWell, Osram and BSW-Tech, along with a complete range of accessories including tin coated wire in 16/18/22G, soldering ire, and Wago/3M connectors, to heat shrink tube and wire strippers.

It’s the signage solutions, however, which will take centre stage at the Sydney Showground, with Ryan highlighting some exciting new products which have recently hit the SAled website and, he says, are likely to generate plenty of interest.

“We’ll be demonstrating a range of illuminated solutions for the ever-popular LED modules and of course we’ll also have our experienced team members on hand to discuss the latest advances and answer any technical questions,” he says.

“A likely show-stopper is our purpose-built LED Demonstrator Case, which allows you to compare LED power usage with that of conventional lighting products, to actually see the dollar savings generated by LED – seeing is believing!”

SAled’s ability to bulk purchase keeps the price of its products down, and the company also offers a Price Guarantee. But it’s LED’s easy maintenance and low operating costs that is the real drawcard for LED technology and this, says Ryan, is not only driving sales of new lightboxes, but also the refurbishment of existing fluorescent lightboxes.

People are recognising the excellent quality and value they’re getting for their lighting dollar with the opal acrylic and larger Flex Face units, and that recognition is also driving refurbishments of fluorescent lightboxes, which can be quickly and easily converted by tweaking the existing framework and using reflective surfaces, together with clever solutions like the side lit and back lit modules,” he explains.

SAled’s quality products are distributed nation-wide as well as overseas, from its headquarters at Acacia Ridge in Brisbane. All products are backed by the manufacturers and SAled Australia’s warranty, along with the company’s outstanding technical support, based on 22 years experience in the illuminated signage industry.

“The knowledge, relationships and experience we have built up over this type is what really sets SAled apart, and that’s what we’ll be demonstrating to visitors at PrintEx19,” Ryan says, adding that the company is a proactive player in the market and a member of both ASOFIA and ASGA trade associations.

“LED is still a relatively young industry in this region; it has only been around for a bit over a decade, but our experience in the signage industry is more than double that. S, we have the knowledge necessary to help our clients select the right systems to deliver the best illumination and value for money.

“We make it easy by offering a complete design and specification service, including layouts, to ensure you have the right solution for maximum illumination and efficiency at the lowest cost, while increasing the efficiency of your production team thereby adding real output value to your business.

“There’s still plenty more to come in this exciting field as technology never stops improving and we are looking forward to demonstrating this on our stand at PrintEx 19, and to introducing our exciting range of LED solutions to the illuminated signage businesses from around Australia who visit the show,” concludes Ryan.

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