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Avery Dennison showcases New Levels of Performance and Sustainability

Avery Dennison showcases New Levels of Performance and Sustainability

Sustainability and innovation were at the heart of the Avery Dennison FESPA 2022 stand in Berlin, offering installers insights into new sales opportunities and improvements to both environmental performance and their bottom line. A particular focus was placed on automotive and architectural segments, where key innovations have made a powerful impact.

As part of the new Sustainable Print portfolio, Avery Dennison SP 1504 Easy Apply PVC-free digital film for automotive wraps is the result of a long research project. It now offers premium performance to print projects without contributing to the use of chlorine, phthalates, or other halogens. Visitors to the stand could see the wrapping film’s excellent printability with stunning colours, along with excellent conformability and repositionability.

Alessandro Sacchi, Product Line Director, Graphics Solutions Europe, commented that sustainability no longer has to mean compromising on performance, saying,  “Our customers face real-world pressures, and they need to maintain the highest performance possible at any given price point. These Sustainable Portfolio materials are the result of extensive research and development. They have been developed to make sure that installers don’t have to offer second-best when transforming their own and their end users’ environmental footprint.”

Another offering at the show,  in the Sustainable Print portfolio, was Avery Dennison SP 3523 Opaque Matt. This new addition to the popular 3000 series provides a more sustainable PVC-free alternative to PVC products for short-term promotional graphics—a valuable new tool for installers planning projects for stores, events, and other indoor locations.  

For installers looking at architecture projects and seeking new ways to decorate interior walls, FESPA included the Organoid Natural Surfaces portfolio under the theme ‘See. Feel. Smell’. Designed to engage all the senses and bring the outdoors inside, the portfolio uses renewable and authentic handcrafted materials with self-adhesive backing. It offers inspiration from nature to interior projects and copes with a wide range of wall and window surfaces.

Elizabeth Park, Director,  Innovation and Marketing Excellence, Graphics EMENA, said, “Innovation and sustainability go hand in hand, and motivated research teams are a key part of ensuring success. Our approach to sustainability is comprehensive, including areas such as social responsibility as well as environmental impacts, both internally and in the supply chain. These new materials result from very dedicated work by many Avery Dennison teams and many of our external partners. We are confident that they offer installers important new options as they face their own sustainability demands.”

FESPA 2022 also offered a glimpse into a shortly arriving launch: Avery Dennison SPF-X3, the latest paint protection film, offering vehicles water-repelling and paint protection properties that last up to ten years - a premium choice when stain resistance is important.

“FESPA 2022 allowed us to showcase innovations for everyone, and we are very excited by the opportunities opening up in the graphics industry as economies continue to make their way out of the pressures felt during the pandemic. The future lies in innovation, and FESPA gave us the opportunity to demonstrate that Avery Dennison is at the forefront of innovation,” concluded Li Wen, Senior Director and General Manager, Graphics EMENA.

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