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SQUID® - Printable transparent window textile
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SQUID® - Printable transparent window textile

Squid is a unique self-adhesive transparent textile ideal for window decoration. Squid can be digitally printed so it allows you to create a personalised design.

Developed and produced by Lampe textiles in Belgium, Squid is the result of collaboration between a father and his son. In 2014, the son asked his father, Philippe Lampe, if he could develop curtains that didn't damage the wall. The solution had to provide his required privacy, but without fully blocking the view during the day. Following initial testing, Philippe realised it was possible to produce a self-adhesive textile which still allowed you to see out during the day, but stopped others from being able to look in.

Squid is fire retardant M1/B1, humidity resistant, UV Stabilised and PVC Free. Available in 130cm wide rolls and 6 colours, Squid has an option for everyone.

For more information contact your Print Media expert at Ricky Richards on 02 9735 3333 or head to the website: rickyrichards.com.au