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Summa releases new S One roll cutter product line

Summa releases new S One roll cutter product line

Summa has announced its new roll cutter product line, the S One. Replacing the former SummaCut roll cutter Series, the S One Series is the next step in Summa’s mid-level roll cutting machines.

The S One Series not only showcases a new, sleeker and more modern look, but also embodies add-ons and enhanced features for better quality, improved ergonomics and higher productivity. 

Improvements and additions include:

• User-friendly GoSign software to manage cutting workflows with great flexibility

• Efficient drag cutting head, allowing up to 600 grams of cutting force

• Ergonomic touchscreen, allowing for effortless navigation

• Robust OPOS Sensor, increasing the speed at which registration marks are read 

• Improved internal intelligence, minimising human errors and operator intervention

• Excellent tracking performance for ultimate accuracy

• OPOS Xtra functionality for flawless processing of very small sticker jobs

• Smart FlexCut feature, enabling to perforate material to remove the design out of its carrier easily 

Built to strict requirements specific to Summa products, the S One Series is designed with premium up-to-date components for long durability. In addition, its combination of innovative features makes the S One roll cutter a flexible and future-proof unit, able to grow along with the customer’s business aspirations and goals. 

Christof Van Driessche, Chief Commercial Officer, Summa adds: “With the experience and dedication on board, Summa continues to show true leadership as a supplier of high-end cutting solutions. The introduction of the S One roll cutter series is yet another milestone in Summa’s large history of legendary performance. The S One Series will unquestionably bring added value and innovation to many sign makers’ cutting workflows.”


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