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Billboard Media invests in 2 EFI Vutek Q5R Printers

Billboard Media invests in 2 EFI Vutek Q5R Printers

Billboard Media has announced the arrival of two EFI VUTEk® Q5R printers. These printers use cutting-edge technology to produce the highest image quality at the highest rates of speed in the industrial roll-to-roll market.

‘This is a significant investment for Billboard that will offer customers the ability to print 1200dpi with an optional clear coat, sharp three-point text and intricate detail, as large as five meters in width. A revolutionary combination of capabilities in one printer.’

Utilising the Q5Rs will allow them to deliver faster turnaround times without compromising on quality, ideal for retail or rush jobs in need of quick delivery.

It is world-class printing technology, and they are excited to offer it to Billboard Media customers.

Capabilities of their Q5R Printer:

  • 1200DPI
  • Sharp 3 point text to allow for increased readability and replication of font intricacies
  • White and clear printing on coloured materials – to save cost and improve clarity
  • Wide range of different formats – from small posters to large hanging banners and  outdoor billboards
  • Clear coater – gloss or matte finishes
  • Continuous printing to allow for fast turnaround
  • Double-sided



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