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Mimaki announces Metallic UV ink for UJF-7151 plus benchtop flatbed printer

Mimaki announces Metallic UV ink for UJF-7151 plus benchtop flatbed printer

Mimaki USA has announced a new Metallic UV ink for its award-winning UJF-7151 plus benchtop UV-LED flatbed printer.

“Metallic ink can be used to create high value-added imaged products,” said Michael Maxwell, senior manager at Mimaki USA. “Metallic colour effects are in high demand for personalised products, awards, novelty items and custom packaging; Metallic ink provides a strong competitive edge to Mimaki customers, enabling them to offer high-quality, premium finishes for their clients projects.”

With this new ink the UJF-7151 plus printer can directly image a surface without the need for added glitter or a foil transfer process. The ability to print in gloss and matte finishes, and an emboss effect are also available, as well as the ability to create a wide range of metallic colour effects.

Mimaki Metallic Control (MMC) technology prints both gloss and matte finishes. Based on Mimaki Clear Control – an original surface imaging technology – MMC enables printing of these two surface finishes using only one ink. Users can select gloss tone print with a shiny mirror finish or a matte tone print that delivers a lustrous effect while limiting reflectivity.

A textured embossing effect can be applied, which changes with light reflection and offers the ability to create unique finishes.

Metallic colour effects can be created using Metallic ink and RasterLink6 RIP software, which includes a swatch palette of 648 metallic colours that are easily selectable from Adobe Illustrator software and can be utilised in a near-endless combination of custom colors.

The Mimaki UJF-7151 plus benchtop UV-LED flatbed printer is a multipurpose model that can print on a variety of substrates including plastics, metal, wood, leather and glass onto materials up to 28-inch wide x 20-inch long and 6-inch thick.

Mimaki MUH-100 Metallic Silver ink is packaged in a 200 ml bottle.

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