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Massivit 3D showcases rapid prototyping for large parts

Massivit 3D showcases rapid prototyping for large parts

Massivit 3D Printing Technologies and STREETFIGHTER LA showcased ground-breaking, rapid prototyping capabilities for large parts with the launch of the STREETHUNTER DESIGNS 2020 Supra MK5 Wide Body Kit at SEMA 2019 this week.

The high-performance STREETHUNTER DESIGNS wide body kit was designed following a robust collaboration between auto performance tech pioneer, STREEETFIGHTER LA, car aficionado, TJ Hunt, and world class car designer and renderer, Jon Sibal.

Eager to find a large format, high-tech, and reliable solution that could rapidly deliver a high-quality wide body kit prototype, STREETFIGHTER LA and TJ Hunt turned to BCT Entertainment to leverage its large format Massivit 3D printer. Over 16 parts were 3D printed in just 64 hours on a Massivit 1800 Pro 3D printer and finished by SOS Customz, including all body panels, the front lip, and the dynamic rear wing. The large printing volume of the 3D also enabled pieces such as the front lip and rear spoiler to be printed in a single part, up to 5 feet long.

A key factor in choosing Massivit 3D technology was its radical printing speed that allows for production of large, scale one prototypes, eradicating the need to assemble multiple small parts. This enables the workflow from design through CAD, 3D printing, and exhibition launch to be dramatically faster than any traditional automotive prototyping methods such as cardboard, clay, or foam. The availability of two print heads on Massivit 3D printing solutions allows for parallel production of two prototype parts and in terms of the design and development process, multiple iterations can be rapidly and easily created, meaning a significant reduction in time to market. Moreover, digital 3D printing enables the fabrication of accurate, symmetrical parts.

STREETFIGHTER LA’s owners/ co-founders, Lee and Dylan Coleman, were introduced to Massivit 3D via the SEMA Garage mid-year, and quickly built a collaborative relationship to develop fast prototype BMW performance parts.

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