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SAi’s new Flexi 21 software supports varnish ink layered printing

SAi’s new Flexi 21 software supports varnish ink layered printing

SAi has released the latest version of its Flexi all-in-one design to production software which includes more features than ever before for both the novice and advanced user.

Flexi 21, the most feature-rich version of SAi’s flagship signmaking software includes a 64-bit RIP system engineered to meet the demanding design to production challenges of sign & display and large format print providers, while continuing to be highly productive with fast processing speeds.

SAi’s Flexi 21 design and RIP print software now supports multi-layer/white and varnish ink layered printing. With this versatile and powerful tool, Flexi can generate white or varnish ink on the fly or from the white layer in the predefined design. Users can control how the ink is printed in both the Flexi Design and Flexi RIP Production Manager functions. T

This “sandwich” mode printing supports printing multiple layers, for example, a bottom layer of white, colour in the middle and varnish on top. With the ability to preview the white channel beforehand, users save RIP and print time and avoid wasted materials.

Flexi 21 also includes variable data printing. Users printing a set of documents with mostly shared elements, can change certain text or images from document to document. The Flexi 21 variable data printing tool will let you design the print template with a sample file, select the element that will change per document and then specify the data to be used. This feature supports variable data images (including raster files, transparent pngs and most eps and PDFs), text, QR codes, data matrix, barcodes, and braille.

Created as an all-in-one solution for design, print, print-and-cut and direct-to-vinyl production workflow, Flexi 21 also includes a host of advanced features including:

- Jig templates – Allows users to design and save jig templates that will precisely match the jig on the printer bed for printing on multiple parts, such as phone cases.

- Enhanced printing while RIPping : Users no longer have to wait for the print job to finishing ripping to start printing, this allows for faster processing time.

- Custom cut line names and colours: Users can now define their own, custom, cut line spot colours and give the custom names, simplifying the cutting process.

- Adobe Illustrator layer support: Multi-layer Illustrator or PDF files can be split into multiple jobs which then can be processed as spot colours like white and varnish.

- Custom inkse:  Inkset channels and profiles can be customised to different colour modes, if your printer supports custom ink.

- G7 Certification: Recognises gray balance and generates linearization that is compliant with G7 colour standards.

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